Month: March 2014

Dallas Orthodontist

Check out Dallas Orthodontist, Dr. Kanabar DDS, MS. She is the only dentist of the family practice Walnut Central Orthodontics. The office can accommodates busy patients and can stay open until 6:00 every weekday.


Transfer music from iphone to computer

Leawo iTransfer Can back up to iTunes or a PC and shifts from iTunes and PC library to iOS devices, manage media sources all without iTunes.

Leawo is capable of fulfilling data sharing on multiple Apple products through devices transferring, guaranteeing data security by means of copying iPod to computer, iPhone to computer and iPad to computer, managing files as perfect as iTunes.

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Big Data Analytics

For Big Data Analysis purposes, Datameer 4.0 enables analysts to “flip” any data set & see a visual profile of the data, in excel like spreadsheet. This visual representation enables analysts to understand quality and shape of their data on the spot after each ingest, join or transformation. They have a free trial which you may download …